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Dinosaurs After Dark

Dinosaurs just got scarier!  

Take a fun, mysterious journey into a shadowy, prehistoric world. Explore our lantern lit trails but WATCH OUT! Danger lurks in every corner and there's a T-Rex on the loose.

The sights and sounds of Field Station: Dinosaurs take on a new sense of mystery and danger as you walk the trails and explore our park with just a flashlight to lead the way. Your imagination runs wild. Was that a scream? You look up and there it is - the T-Rex, its teeth visible in the flashlight’s beam as it rears its giant head. No trip to the zoo was ever like this!

This unique family experience our new show "Dinosaurs Dino-Mite", a surprising show about the history and mystery of Dinosaur Discovery,  T-Rex games, and answer the 65 million year old question, "Did Dinosaurs See in the Dark?" End the night with a dinosaur sing-a-long complete with a campfire and roasted marshmallows. 


                Dinner with the Dinos!

Come early to Dinosaurs After Dark and enjoy a delicious Mac and Cheese buffet that's sure to please kids and parents alike. The baby Hadrosaurs will be on hand to greet every guest at this special pre-show dinner. Dinner is served from 7-8pm. Seating limited so reserve today!

          Reserve your Adventure

                              Fridays & Saturdays

                   September 30 through October 29

                       Saturday, October 1st and 15th is SOLD OUT!

Dinner with the Dinos! begins at 7pm and ends at 8pm.
Dinosaurs After Dark begins 8pm sharp and ends at 10:30 pm.
For more information, email us at info@fieldstationdinosaurs.com.



Admission Prices

To purchase tickets, call 855.999.9010 or purchase online

Dine with the Dinosaurs - Begins at 7pm; includes Dinosaurs After Dark $39.00
Dine with the Dinosaurs - Season Pass Holders $31.20
Dinosaurs After Dark - Begins at 8pm; programming only. $24.00
Dinosaurs After Dark - Season Pass Holders $19.20
Groups 20+ please contact our Groups Sales Department 973.748.4317.




Dinosaurs After Dark featured on "Live From The Couch" 


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