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MAY 2017




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Admission Prices

The park is currently closed for the winter season.

Purchase your tickets in advance and use them whenever you like during the 2017 Season!

2017 Season:
The park is open rain or shine from 10 -6pm on the following days:
May 27 through June 25, Saturdays and Sundays only
Memorial Day, May 29

2017 Summer Hours:
Tuesday- Sunday, 10-6p
June 27 through September 3
July 4th 10-6p
Labor Day, September 4

2017 Fall Hours:
Saturday and Sunday
September 23-November 12
Thursday and Friday November 9 & 10

Dinosaurs After Dark:
Friday and Saturday Nights
September 29 - October 28

Dinosaurs After Dark is the Field Station's spooky, funny and, yes, educational nighttime adventure just in time for Halloween! From September 29 - October 28, we're open late. Join us for a fun-filled night of chills, laughs and music as we explore our park by lantern light, hunt in the darkened woods for an escaped T-Rex and sing our fears away with the Dinosaur Troubadour. Tickets will go on sale soon so check back often!
Dinosaurs After Dark is a guided tour that starts at 7:00pm SHARP

Visit our Temporary Base of Operations at Overpeck County Park in Bergen County in Spring 2017!







Guests 2 yrs and older
Under age 2



Admission to the park.

Guests 2 yrs and older
Under age 2



Admission to the park plus the 3D movie, Sea Rex: Journey to a Prehistoric World


Guests 2 yrs and older




Purchase your Season Pass during the Fall 2016 season and use it during the 2017 Season!
Includes unlimited daytime admission, the 3D movie, Sea Rex: Journey to a Prehistoric World, special events, discounts on Dozin’ with Dinos, Birthday Parties, the Paleontologists' Laboratory, and in Tricera-shops, our gift shop for dinosaur lovers.


3D Movie, Sea Rex: Journey to a Prehistoric World

Paleontologists' Laboratory



Includes one viewing of the 3D movie, Sea Rex: Journey to a Prehistoric World


Includes one visit to this hands on science activity for guests age 2 and over. One parent may enter the Laboratory to assist. Parents who wish to participate must purchase a ticket. Children under age 2 and strollers are not permitted in the Lab.

Groups 20+
Groups 20+







Admission to the park.
Admission to the park, plus 3D movie, Sea Rex: Journey to a Prehistoric World

Ticket prices do not include 7% sales tax and a $3.50 per order transaction fee

All major forms of credit are accepted.  We do not accept personal checks.






Birthday Parties



BIrthday Parties

Group Admission

School groups

Non-School Groups




 Parking is free.






Available for Rent


Hiking Strollers




ID required at Box Office. Availability is limited.