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Your Field Trip to Field Station: Dinosaurs includes a workshop or dinosaur game and one of our amphitheater shows.

Field Station: Dinosaurs is aligned with New Jersey's Core Curriculum Content Standards in Science Practices, Life Science, and Earth Systems Science. 

All Programming fulfills codes 5.1 Science Practices A - D

Amphitheater Show

T-rex Feeding Frenzy 
20 minutes 
Myth, mystery and science merge in this live interactive show featuring music, puppetry and a surprising look at the roots of paleontology. This musical introduction to the eating habits and table manners of the dinosaurs explores the paleolithic food pyramid.
CODES 6.2.8.D.1.b-1.d, 6.2.8.D.3.a


Hey Ho Haddy -- Amphitheater, 20 minutes 
Visit a strange, mysterious place with roaring active volcanoes, towering snowcapped mountains and an ancient dinosaur watering hole. Believe it or not, that place is called New Jersey. Travel 400-million years back in time, see and touch actual dinosaur fossils and help us judge the world's first dinosaur beauty pageant.
CODES 5.4.4.B.1, 5.4.6.D.2, 5.3.6.E.1

Flight of the Dinosaurs -- 20 minutes 
You're the star in this funny and informative show about the amazing link between the dinosaurs of yesteryear and the birds of today. Travel back in time and visit some of history's most famous scientists at their greatest moments of discovery. It's theater. It's science. It's guaranteed fun.
CODES 5.3.6.E.1


A fast-paced game of mixing and matching where everybody plays and everybody learns. What does it take to be a paleontologist? Kids uncover the secrets of the world's most successful dinosaur hunters and learn that most of the tools necessary can be found in our own garages, playrooms and local libraries.
CODES 5.1.P.B.3, 5.1.P.C.1, 5.1.4.D.3

Informative group discussions along the trail

  • What Color is Your Dinosaur?  Meet our resident paleo-Picasso, a paint-splattering, fun-loving expert on dinosaur coloration, and help create a sixteen-foot-long dinosaur mural! Was Tyrannosaurus rex a giant pink flamingo? Did triceratops have polka dots? No one knows for sure, but we'll see where our imaginations (and paint brushes!) take us. 
    CODES 5.3.2.D.2, 5.3.6.D.1, 5.3.2.E.2

  • Fossils Upclose  Every rock tells a story. Come to the quarry for hands-on, cosmic show-and-tell that takes you on a journey from the Earth's molten core to the far reaches of our solar system. Learn why all rocks are interesting and see actual rocks from the Moon, Mars and beyond. 
    CODES 5.4.P.C.1, 5.4.4.C.2, 5.4.6.C.2

Fossil Dig Site

Buried treasures abound at New Jersey's most popular dig site. Giant dinosaur skeletons and real prehistoric fossils lurk beneath the surface just waiting to be unearthed. Join our team of paleontologists and see what it's like to work on a real scientific expedition. Recommended for scientists ages three through nine.



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