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MAY 29





The Dinosaur Troubadour can now bring the fun of the Field Station to your party.



Upcoming Events

Jul 30

Join us for a day long special presentation on the geological history of New Jersey by "Doc Rock" Dr. Louis Detofsky.

Aug 6

Meet the designers and creators of our T-Rex puppet featured in our show, Feeding Frenzy, Marc Petrosino and Michael Latini. for a behind the scenes . Explore puppet making and puppeteering!

Aug 13

Visit us on August 13th for a day of bats and ALL wildlife, and be ready to have a fun learning experience on the importance of these truly magnificent flying mammals.

Aug 20

Join Jason Poole, an artist of all things extinct, and have published art in National Geographic Magazine, National Geographic Television, National Geographic World, Science and have had art in exhibits in the Royal Summer Science Exhibit in the UK, as well as exhibits at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia. Paleontologist and Paleo-Artist, Jason Poole will give step-by-step instructions on how to draw dinosaurs. Get your hands dirty learning what it means to be a dig site sketcher.

Aug 27

Join NJ State Museum Paleontologist, Jason Schein, and Field Station: Dinosaurs Executive Producer, Guy Gsell, for a family friendly, kid oriented presentation of Jason’s recent finds on his dinosaur expedition in Wyoming and Montana.

Aug 27

Visit the Field Station on August 27th to learn about a real-life dinosaur bone excavation happening this summer.

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